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This Physics site will show a simple electric understanding of the Nature of Gravity -  and that Gravity may be a pseudo-force.  (Def. of pseudo = false, not authentic)

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I believe this web site contains vital and important information about how to produce low cost energy from the high-frequency electro-gravity fields around Earth (similar to Dr. Thomas Henry Moray and others) - as well as information that can be used to build Electro-Gravity devices to counteract the fields of Gravity.

However, we live in a dangerous "Game of Live".  Only the real "tigers" survive on Earth, and even they have a hard time.  I invite you to download this site in a form of a zip file for safe-keeping on your computer in case something happens to this site.

You have my full permission to repost this entire web site - as you see fit, without copyright violations - if this web site goes down, for any length of time.  I hope this of course will never happen, but the information within this site is too good to be lost, so I ask if you can help and save a copy of this site on your computer.

Here is a complete zip file of this entire site written in MS FrontPage (May 11, 2006): 

Download the entire Electro Gravity Physics .com web site.

It is about 3.8 MB in size.


Nils Rognerud
Founder and Author of

April 25, 2007

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